Setbacks and Determination

So the last couple of weeks have been full of setbacks.  I have slipped into some old habits and as a result have been gaining weight a little at a time when going to my Weight Watchers meetings.  I do get discouraged but I know that it is not an overnight change that I am making, so I just have to get back at it.  My new week starts every Friday as that is when I weigh in.  Today I have decided to go back to how I did it the first week.  Lots of vegetables, protein, and no snacks.  Snacks are my downfall, I would eat a bag of chips or popcorn instead of a meal at anytime.  I got out today for a nice long walk and it felt good.  I need to remember that it is the little things that I can do on a daily basis that will make the difference.  Moving more and eating less is so easy to say, but not always easy to do because as you are burning more calories, you become more hungry.  So it is all about making the right choices versus the wrong choices.  I will get back on track with both my food and exercise so that I can see the results that I want to see.  I also know that even if the scale doesn’t show the result that I can see it in other ways….clothes fitting differently, more energy, etc.


Starting New

I spent Saturday in Green Bay, WI walking a 5k.  I did some running, but walked the majority of the course.  I joined Weight Watchers about 3 weeks ago and did okay for the first week, but then old habits started to creep in.  I need to make sure that I have the appropriate food in the house for me and my hubby to eat.  I also need to make sure that I am getting the exercise in that I need on a daily basis.  So I am going to start this week out by setting small goals for myself.  I am going to make sure that I stay within my points value for each day and not using my extra points or exercise points unless I need to.  See with the new Weight Watchers program, most fruits and vegetables are no points so I can load my meals with them to fill me up and provide the nutrients that I need.  I am also going to park off site and walk to my office every day.  This will give me some movement everyday.  My ultimate goal will be to run a 5k in the fall and then hopefully run the half marathon in Green Bay next year.

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Permanent Employee

So the company that I was temping at hired me as a permanent employee.  I am now  a Project Coordinator with the company.  I really like what I am doing and look forward to learning more about the career and see where this is going to take me.


So I have been working through a temp agency at a local company.  I like what I am doing, but am looking forward to the possibility of being hired on permanently.  I am also looking for ways to re-establish some of my admin skills as it has been so long since I got my degree.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.